Lessons from Maria

Maria Costello MBE is a biking legend. The Queen of Bikers has paved the way for women in motorcycling and inspired many to not only take up biking but take to the track and race.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Maria a few times and never cease to be amazed by her commitment to follow her dreams whilst simultaneously creating opportunities for other people. I’m fascinated by what drives people to take action on achieving their goals while others simply daydream. Maria is definitely one of those people who has blazed a trail towards achieving her dreams of racing motorbikes and continues to do so race after race.

Following your dreams is never quite what it seems. It always comes with potholes that can slow down the journey and sometimes throw you right off course. That’s all part of the adventure but when your dream is to race motorbikes, the setbacks can really hurt! Maria has broken over 20 bones and yet goes through the recovery process, does everything in her power to regain her strength and fitness and gets straight back on the bike.

As a biker, I can understand the draw of getting back on the bike. There’s something about riding that offers an exhilarating sense of freedom that I just can’t find anywhere else. I’m not sure that after upwards of 20 broken bones I would have the courage to get back on my bike… but the lesson remains. If there is something you want badly enough the setbacks become stepping stones to build greater success. Maria epitomises this notion.

I wanted to find out more, I figured that learning from someone who is out there taking decisive action is an opportunity that’s too good to miss. I asked Maria what makes her get back on the bike after a crash. I asked if she was scared to race again and if she was, how she overcomes that fear. Here’s her reply; word for word.

‘It’s as simple as:

Because I want to. Nothing more nothing less. I want to race motorbikes forever.’

                                                                                                                (Maria Costello MBE)

Brilliant! There was a part of me that was expecting a deep and meaningful approach with strategies and techniques that I could attempt to replicate. I guess I was hoping for that too as surely achieving at such a high level and taking the world by storm requires something that very few people can realise. If not, then why aren’t we all doing it?

Then I thought about it. I thought about it for a long time. It really is this simple; the trick is in finding the thing that makes it this simple. Finding your passion in life means that it becomes this simple. You don’t have to be racing around tracks at the speed of light to be living your dream; you just have to know what your dream is and then go for it 100%. For Maria, that is racing motorbikes and therefore there is no question that she will give it everything. Maria Costello MBE

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