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I was encouraged to venture out on my mountain bike yesterday. I say ‘encouraged’; I was dragged out on my mountain bike yesterday! I have not been taking my own advice and I had become somewhat overwhelmed by work. I love my work, so it certainly isn’t something I’m complaining […]

A Life Lesson, From My Bike.

Coming out for the third time was possibly a little indulgent. It’s a strange phenomenon; ‘coming out’ and something that still confuses me a little bit if I’m honest. Telling people that I’m gay wasn’t nearly as noteworthy as it could have been. Reactions ranged from ‘oh, ok’ to ‘well […]

Embrace ‘Coming Out’; Every Time

I’m waiting, somewhat impatiently, for the final processes to be completed on the second book in The Dani Moore Trilogy. It won’t be long now and I’ll have a publication date which is just as exciting the second time around. I was explaining the process to a group of young […]

The Dream in Action

  It’s been a while! How have you been? Things have been a little quiet on the blog and I owe you an explanation. I’ve been having a lot of fun! I have been working with 121 coaching clients, which is always fun and have had opportunities come my way […]

How Have You Been?

The People's Book Prize
Ok, so I don’t really feel like I have ‘lost’, I think that spending an evening in the company of author type folk has made me reach for my inner poet. It’s ok, I’m no longer reaching. I had the pleasure of attending The People’s Book Prize Award Ceremony on […]

Musings on losin’

It’s when something exciting happens that I feel it the most… that urge to pick up the phone & call my Grandparents like I always did. In my recent blog for my publisher (have I mentioned I have a book coming out?!), I talked about my Grandma and how she […]

Reggie & Grandma

Nikki 2
A good friend of mine, journalist and Ironman-in-training, Fiona Duffy, recently put me in touch with Nikki Bartlett who she spoke very, very highly of. It’s easy to understand why. As an Ironman finisher, I am in awe of anyone who takes on the challenge of Ironman which is the […]

Nikki Bartlett

Maria Costello MBE
Maria Costello MBE is a biking legend. The Queen of Bikers has paved the way for women in motorcycling and inspired many to not only take up biking but take to the track and race. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Maria a few times and never cease to be […]

Lessons from Maria

The first time I met Kate she told me that she wanted to move to New Zealand. I don’t think that the two things were related! Kate is one of the most incredibly positive and motivated people I have had the pleasure of meeting. We met as we are both […]

Kate Eagle

Training Piper
I quite often talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people who lift you higher. It has been in recent days that I have woken up to another reason why it is so incredibly valuable. We all know that spending time with people who believe in our dreams and […]

I Did Not Know Best!

Dave Verburg
Dave is a legend! I met him through some coaching work we were doing with young people and within seconds I knew that this was a man I needed in my life! His positive outlook is infectious and it is made extra special by the fact he truly practices what […]

Dave Verburg

I read an article this week that has had a profound impact on me. It was written by a palliative care nurse who worked with people who had gone home for their final weeks. She had spent hours talking with her patients and had noticed some common themes coming up […]

What Are You Waiting For?