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The Power of 12

Because there isn't 'one' answer... there are twelve!

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Reggie & Me

Reggie and Me is the first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy. The story of Dani, told through her diary as she starts a new school in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case, is a unique take on the notion of being a survivor.

Turtle Blog

These are my musings on life in general with a motivational twist. I hope you enjoy them!

Role Model Blog

Here you'll find words of wisdom from some of my role models. I have asked all of these incredible people about what motivates them, how they have achieved amazing things and how they have made sure they are living their dreams.

About Marie

Marie began Indigo Turtle in 2010 with the intention of using a variety of approaches to show that both personally and professionally, there is more to life than just ‘surviving’.
I think that my favourite quote has to be shared! 'I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become'. (Carl Jung)